Brandon LaBelle

“Artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. (…) Since 2011 he works as a Professor at The Art Academy –- Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen, Norway. Current research projects focus on radical sympathy, more-than-social art, acoustic justice, and poetic knowledge. He is also the founding editor of Errant Bodies Press, Berlin, which develops publishing projects and related activities in collaboration with a diversity of authors and artists. In 2021 he initiated and launched The Listening Biennial, and related Listening Academy, focusing on establishing a global network of participating artists, collectives, and organizations to work together on listening as a practice and capacity.”

Biography / Brandon LaBelle

Photo credits: M. Garsós


Raquel Castro

“Raquel Castro is a soundscape researcher, filmmaker and curator, founder and director of Lisboa Soa festival and the International Symposium Invisible Places. She holds a PhD in Communication and Arts and is an Integrated Researcher at Cicant/Universidade Lusófona. As a director, she highlights the films Soundwalkers (2008) and Soa (2020), where interviews, sound art and sonic ambiances combine to raise awareness of sound. Currently, she curates the exhibition Sound Art in Public Spaces to be presented in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Norway.”

Photo credits: Vera Marmelo